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·   Director’s Order #28 Cultural Resource Management


·   Cultural Resource Management Guideline (NPS-28)


·   Director’s Order #6: Interpretation and Education



National Park Service

Standards and Guidelines


·  Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation


National Park Service Training Opportunities


Training & Development

For Teachers & Learners


Archeology & Ethnography Program

Archeology for Interpreters

Cultural Landscapes

Cultural Resources Diversity Initiative

Effective Interpretation of Archeological Resources (Southeast Archaeological Center)
Interpretation for Archeologists

Military History

Virtual Exhibits

Virtual Tours

Visitor Information for National Parks



NPS Training Opportunities—Archeology

Archeology & Ethnography Education and Training

LearnNPS (for all teachers and learners)

Peoples & Cultures Training

Teaching with Historic Places (Lesson Plan Index)

Teaching with Historic Places: Archeology

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

Explore, Learn, and Participate

Cultural Resources Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Agents of Deterioration— Enemies of Preservation



NPS Training Opportunities--Interpretation

Interpretive Development Program

Fulfilling the NPS Mission: The Process of Interpretation

Visitor Needs and  Characteristics

Demonstrating Successful Informal Visitor Contacts

Preparing and Presenting an Effective Interpretive Talk

Prepare and Present an Effective Conducted Activity

Prepare and Present an Interpreted Demonstration or Other Illustrated Program

Effective Interpretive Writing

Partners in Interpretation

Identifying and Removing Bias from Public Programming

Presenting Archeology to the Public: Digging for Truths

Telling the Stories: Planning Effective Interpretive Programs for Properties Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Interpretive Media for the National Park Service



Other Training and Education Resources

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Society for American Archaeology

Society for Historical Archaeology

Bureau of Land Management

Certification Program in Interpretation (National Association for Interpretation)




CHRS home

An Inspiring Guide

I. Introduction

II. Overview of the Program

III. Meeting the Mission

IV. The Public Meaning of Archeological Heritage

V. Archeology and Interpretation

VI. Study Tour of Parks

VII. Interpretive Products

VIII. Credits

IX. References

X. Resources and Links


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