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“As Richard Wertime reminds us,


‘While the world admires—and willingly honors—academic brilliance, it truly reveres a storyteller.’”


- Peter A. Young, 2002





This manual, “An Inspiring Guide: Effective Interpretation of Archeological Resources,” was created by Donald G. Jones, former Assistant Director of the Center for Heritage Resource Studies, together with Barbara Little of the Archeology and Ethnography Program of the National Park Service. Additional input, assistance, and editing have been provided by Tony Knapp, Francis P. McManamon, Lena Mortensen, and Paul A. Shackel.  The content of this Guide and the four-Module Training Program is based on the National Park Service Archeology-Interpretation Shared Competency Course of Study


Images in this guide are provided courtesy of the National Park Service unless otherwise noted.


This guide has been produced with funding and assistance from the National Park Service, the Center for Heritage Resource Studies in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of Maryland Office of Continuing and Extended Education




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An Inspiring Guide

I. Introduction

II. Overview of the Program

III. Meeting the Mission

IV. The Public Meaning of Archeological Heritage

V. Archeology and Interpretation

VI. Study Tour of Parks

VII. Interpretive Products

VIII. Credits

IX. References

X. Resources and Links


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