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The Center for Heritage Resource Studies at the University of Maryland, together with the National Park Service Archeology & Ethnography Program and the NPS Stephen T. Mather Training Center  in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, has designed a  four-module training course in archaeology and interpretation.  This program builds on NPS on-line distance learning courses and is designed to meet the shared competency in archaeology and interpretation in the National Park Service. 

This training program covers a full range of interdisciplinary issues that enable archaeologists and interpreters to work together to provide effective and accurate interpretation of archaeological resources to the public. Training offered in this course mixes traditional classroom settings with self-paced online curricula, partner learning, on-site case-studies, and peer evaluation.

The manual for the four-part program is entitled:


Effective Interpretation of Archeological Resources

a four-part program for archeologists and interpreters

now available online in  MSWord and html

This course begins in Fall 2005 and is open to archaeologists, interpreters, historians and others responsible for programs in archeological research, interpretation and education in the National Park Service, through the University of Maryland's Office of Continuing Education.  In addition to National Park Service archeologists and interpreters, representatives from state and local agencies and non-profit heritage organizations are also invited to participate.

The four modules in this course are:

bullet The Public Meaning of Archaeological Heritage
(Selected presentations now available online)
bullet Subject Matter Training: Archaeology/Interpretation
(two on-line, interactive distance learning modules developed by NPS:
bullet Archaeology for Interpreters
bullet Interpretation for Archaeologists
bullet Study Tour of Archeological Interpretation Programs
(behind-the-scenes tours and critical assessment of archaeological interpretation at sites in the Washington, DC region)
bullet Archeological Interpretive Products and Assessments
(a two-day evaluation seminar - in 2005 this seminar will be held in Charleston, South Carolina in conjunction with the 8th Annual US/ICOMOS International Symposium)

The program is designed to expand upon existing NPS training programs.

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