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The Center for Heritage Resource Studies is located on the flagship campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.  Founded in December 2000, the Center  was formed to bring scholars and practitioners together to support a comprehensive approach to the study of heritage.

In addition to our mission statement, a list of our staff, research partners, organizational affiliates, and contact information can be found by following the links to the left.  The Center provides a forum for exchanging ideas, provides educational and professional training opportunities, conducts research projects associated with all aspects of heritage resource studies, and continues to develop various public outreach efforts.

The Center's mailing address is

Center for Heritage Resource Studies
1111 Woods Hall, University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742
(Email: pshackel@umd.edu - Phone: 301-405-0085)

Please explore our website to learn more about our programs in the following areas:
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