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DC Archaeology Tour

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DC Archaeology
Tour Contents

Locator Map
Archaeology in DC
Urban Archaeology
A-Rare Achievement
B-Self Medication
D-Crowded Housing
E-Pardon Our Dust
F-Safe Water
H-Path of History
I-2nd Hand Economy
J-Oldest Profession
Making Do
Other Sites
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Archaeology in
Downtown Washington, DC

A walking and metro guide
to the past...



How to Use This Guide

Each entry discusses a specific site or different aspect of Washington’s history that has been explored in archaeological excavations.  Each entry provides the location (address or cross streets), links to external sites with additional information, as well as the nearest metro station.  The locations of each site are shown on the locator map included with the brochure.  The guide map has links to each of the site descriptions as well as links to each metro station website and other points of interest in downtown Washington, DC.  There are several ways to enjoy this guide:


Go to the locator map (link at top left) and click on a site location point;


Select a site description (links at left) to read about the site (each of which has a link to the locator map); or


Follow the links below for a printable version of the brochure in Acrobat Reader and a high-resolution locator map.


Washington Underground (Acrobat Reader file)


Printable Locator Map

Get Acrobat Reader here -

Washington Underground: Archaeology in Downtown Washington, DC, a walking and metro guide to the past...
was produced cooperatively by the National Park Service, National Center for Cultural Resources, Archeology and Ethnography Program; the District of Columbia Office of Planning, Historic Preservation Office; the Center for Heritage Resource Studies, University of Maryland, College Park; and the Society for American Archaeology.  [Cover map courtesy of the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division]

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