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Mark P. Leone
(Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1968)

Executive Board
Center for Heritage Resource Studies
University of Maryland, College Park

Department of Anthropology
University of Maryland, College Park

Phone: 301.405.8767
Email: Mleone@umd.edu

Calvert House, Annapolis

Mark Leone is interested in critical theory, as it applies to archaeology, and particularly, to historical archaeology. He has directed Archaeology in Annapolis since 1981. This project focuses on the historical archaeology of Annapolis and features the use of critical theory.

Through the Department of Anthropology, Leone runs a well-known, six-week archaeological field school in Annapolis each summer. The field school is open to graduate students, as well as undergraduates. Leone is committed to public interpretation of archaeology and welcomes graduate students who are interested in learning about the relationship between public interpretation and the politics of archaeology. Archaeology in Annapolis is co-sponsored by Historic Annapolis Foundation, which offers rich potential and practical experience for public outreach.

(Click here for Dr. Leone's Curriculum Vita)

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